Dean Muntz Communications Pty Ltd is a contractor for Telstra and the Federal Government's NBN (National Broadband Network) scheme. We are specialists in Bundaberg cable locating, installing, hauling and joining of data and communication cables, both fibre optic and copper.

We offer a full service, from the location of underground assets through to the drilling, trenching and vacuum excavation of sites surrounding valuable communication infrastructure. Our team is fully licensed and qualified. We ensure safety at work, meeting and exceeding all Safe Work guidelines and Australian Standards.

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Directional Drilling

Directional drilling, also known as underground boring, is primarily used to install or replace underground assets without disrupting existing infrastructure. This extremely efficient technique minimises the need for excavation. Using our advanced equipment and machinery, our Bundaberg directional drilling specialists provide cost-effective solutions for singular and multi-cable installations.

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Vacuum Excavation

When you need direct access to your underground assets such as fibre-optic cables, power cables and telecommunication services, our Bundaberg vacuum excavation services will ensure clean, cost-effective and non-destructive digging. Using pressurised water we ensure efficient excavation without damaging infrastructure. Vacuum excavation is the cleaner alternative to traditional excavation methods.

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We use a range of specialist equipment to dig trenches quickly to your exact requirements. We create trenches for a range of cabling and communication assets including fibre-optic cables, pipes, data cables and telecommunication cables.

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Conduit Runs

At Dean Muntz Communications Pty Ltd, our conduit runs will help protect your cabling. We have installed conduit runs in Bundaberg for a range of projects, both above and below ground for all industries.

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Asbestos Removal

We are licensed Class B Asbestos Removal specialists. Dean Muntz Communications Pty Ltd can remove non-friable asbestos products, including those where asbestos fibres have been bonded with cement, vinyl, resin or other similar materials.

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Cable Hauling

Our Bundaberg cable-hauling specialists have the capability and experience to winch cables of all sizes, from large cables to smaller copper and fibre-optic cables. We will haul cabling for any project quickly and efficiently.

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Cable Joining & Locating

Gone are the days of digging blindly for underground cables. Using our advanced equipment, at Dean Muntz Communications Pty Ltd we specialise in the location and joining of copper cables. We can quickly find the exact location of existing underground assets, no secondguessing and no mistakes. Whether you need your copper cabling installed or a section replaced, our cable joining and locating services ensure precise and efficient results.

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Pit & Pipe Construction & Relocation

Our technicians are experts in the pit and pipe construction needs for projects of all sizes. We cater for relocation of inspection pits for a range of redevelopments as well as the installation of new cables and any trenching requirements.

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Pre-Provisioning Lead-Ins

We handle all aspects of cabling for pre-provisioning lead-ins. No matter what size network your business needs we can install all data/internet cabling and phone lines ready for connection. Please note, while we pre-provision telecommunication services, we do not activate them.

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